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Ocean Front Living

Want to wake up to a beautiful and exhilarating sea breeze with sense of remoteness, no sight of city skyline, and the feeling of plain happiness? Let you and your family experience luxurious and deep blue sea living at Holiday Ocean View Village. Nestled 30 meters high above sea level from the view deck, get a spectacular view of the Gulf of Davao with only a short distance and minutes away from the city. You get an Ocean View Lot Samal Property in a Samal Resort, the best place to locate your next home overlooking the best amenities in the island.

And not just that – with its Holiday Ocean View Marina being the first Marina in Mindanao, you get to be part of the pioneering sea living. This flagship attraction of the Holiday Ocean View Samal offers exclusive membership for homeowners and cruisers for a more private use of its luxurious clubhouse with a swimming pool, coffee shop and chandler. You may also go beyond comfort, as the Holiday Ocean View Resort and Spa offers world-class facilities and new concepts in wellness living, dining and entertainment. Have the best and luxurious ocean front property.

Choose your luxury – a marina or a spa. Live a life of opulence, indulge yourself in luxury not just for a season, but for all days of your life, all years long.

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An Ocean View Escape to Samal

Sun-kissed skin, yachts, beach, fruit juices, martinis, colorful hats and bikinis, shades – all of these means summer and it is fast approaching. But your perfect get-up won’t be such without a perfect destination. Samal has been known for its numerous white sand beaches and resorts, and attracts a lot of locals and tourists because of its accessibility from the Metro City of Davao. But there’s only one place in the island which has everything you need. And the perfect answer? The Holiday Ocean View Samal.

Being a high-end Samal Resort, Holiday Ocean View offers almost everything. From a beach resort, a condominium complex, an island spa, to a village and the first and only in Davao – the Ocean View Marina. The Ocean View Village and Ocean View Marina features a luxurious clubhouse with a swimming pool, a coffee shop, a chandler and the best in wellness living – an island spa. These perfect and complete amenities will surely make you want to reside to an ocean front property.

This is truly a perfect haven to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, a romantic getaway for honeymoon, great for exclusive get-togethers and reunions, and surely the best place for your family to live a life of luxury that you deserve. Steer towards a new kind of high-end adventure with Holiday Ocean View Marina – the first in Davao and one of the best in Marina Philippines. Get the most of your summer in a much more luxurious way in just minutes away from Davao City, and have fun in the sun like what you planned!